Remote Control for Rize Relaxer Adjustable Bed (Black Upholstered)

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Remote Control for Rize Relaxer Adjustable Bed (Black Upholstered)

This easy-to-use wireless remote control can be used to replace a lost or damaged remote for a black-upholstered Rize Relaxer adjustable bed (this remote does not work with the white-upholstered beds, which are older models). Designed to be used even in the dark, the remote features backlit buttons for simple head and foot control. Three pre-programmed positions and a one-touch flat button provide comfort with a single touch.

To program the remote, follow the instructions on page 8 of your Rize Relaxer manual. The manual is also available online.

NOTE: This remote does not work on the white model Relaxer beds. Please contact us if you are not sure which bed you have so we can help you find the right remote.

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