The Technology

We wanted to find an adjustable bed that could improve sleep and provide comfort without breaking the bank.

The Right Bed

There are a lot of factors to consider in finding the perfect adjustable bed, and we wanted something that got everything right. A bed that could adjust head and foot to get the position just right for everyone. A bed that could provide lots of options for people looking for a little more out of their sleep experience. Something that was durable and well-engineered, but easy to use. And we wanted all that at a price that everyone could afford.

Rize power bases are all of that, for a bed that can give you happy sleep for a happy life.

Perfect Positioning

Some adjustable beds only move the head section, but all Rize beds offer both head and foot movement. Reduce aches and pains and improve your sleep by creating just the right position for your body. And we know that people do more than ever in bed - whether it's working on a laptop, reading a book, playing on your tablet, or otherwise relaxing. Adjustable beds give you more options for comfort and support, whatever you're doing.

Health Benefits

The benefits of a good night's sleep go on and on. The more we learn, the more important we know it is to get some quality shut-eye. We created positions on our beds that help you sleep better so you can wake refreshed and energized - all at the touch of a button.

The anti-snore setting raises the head just enough to reduce snoring and soothe acid reflux. You can even choose a bed with an integrated head tilt that gives extra support to the neck without stuffing a lot of pillows behind your head.

Our exclusive lounge feature lowers the foot section of the bed, which takes stress off the lower back. And just like a recliner, it's great for your latest round of binge-watching.

The zero gravity positions improves blood flow and reduces pressure on the back and legs for a sensation that's almost weightless.

The Rize Cresta even offers a separate adjustable section that gives support to the back where it's needed most.

health bed rize

More Options

People spend a lot of time in bed, and we knew there were ways to make that time more comfortable and convenient. We added massage motors, under-bed lighting, charging outlets, and more so you can get the most out of however long you stay under the covers.


All Rize beds are engineered to have a greater lift capacity than the competition. Our adjustable beds have been tested by an independently-certified testing laboratory to have a lift capacity of up to 850 lb. per single unit. That means not having to worry about how much you're putting on top of the bed.

Easy to Use

Our goal is to get you the comfort you need in a way that you can use even half-asleep and in the dark. We include just the features we found are the most convenient and useful, without a lot of extras that get in the way of those good dreams.

Make Your Bed the Way You Want It

You can use most modern latex, foam, or compressed coil mattresses with our beds. So pick the mattress you want! Rize beds were designed to fit inside most headboard/footboard rail systems so there's no need to sacrifice your style for your comfort. If you don't want to use a side rail, the upholstery on our power bases are meant to be elegant and blend with most decor. Not happy with the height? There are leg options that let you raise or lower the bed to add more storage space, or make the bed easier to get into.

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We wanted our beds to be stress-free, so we included some important safety features. The Gravity Release motors reduce pressure on objects under the bed, so you don't have to worry about pinching fingers or anything else. Our massage motors come with an automatic shut-off that gives them a 5 minute rest after 15 minutes of use. And we don't want you to ever get stuck if the power goes out, so all Rize beds have a battery backup system that can return the bed to flat even without electricity.


Rest assured - your Rize motion base is covered by a 20-year limited warranty. The specifics vary by model, but we're confident that our beds are made to last. If something unexpected happens, our team of repair specialists is ready to help troubleshoot and get the problem fixed so you can get back to bed.