Where to buy

We sell to thousands of retail stores across the US to stock different models in their stores. That way you can try them out in person! Check out our Dealer Locator to find stores near you (give them a call to see what models they have available). Some models are also available from online retailers like Overstock and Wayfair.

Yes, we have Rize models available at major online retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, and Hayneedle.

Questions on Rize features

The lounge position lowers the leg section of the bed while raising the head. This takes stress and tension off the lower back. It's a great position for working or relaxing in bed, because it supports the upper body while relaxing the lower half.

Our patented actuators are "push" only. This means that when the bed comes down, it can be held up easily if it encounters resistance. In contrast, other adjustable beds use a "pull" system. With the bed motors pulling down, it's hard to hold the bed up if anything is underneath when the bed is in motion. This can cause pinching and damage to objects caught beneath.

Available on the Contemporary III, the seat extension feature keeps the nightstand within close reach by moving the head section backwards as the head travels up. It follows the natural pivot of the hips to avoid compressing the spine.

The Rize Aviada offers more range of movement than any other adjustable bed. It gets its ergonomic positioning from being able to raise and lower both the head and foot sections to a greater degree than other beds. To get this increased range, we needed to add another actuator to the foot section. This is what you're controlling with the separate button. To fully raise the foot section, first press the foot up button, and then use the leg up button to get the leg up the rest of the way.

Rize adjustable bed options

Yes! Each bed is different, but additional parts are available so you can get the bed to the height you want it. Just keep in mind that this can affect the function of different models. For example, lowering a model with the lounge feature too close to the floor can prevent the foot from lowering.

See this document for details on how your Rize model can be adjusted.

We offer replacement remotes, legs, and a few other parts online. For other parts, please see our Resources page.

Yes! Many Rize models come with headboard brackets. If your model didn't include them, you can buy them here. These brackets are compatible with most bolt-on headboards.

Yes! Rize beds were designed to fit inside an existing bed. However, if you have a platform or pedestal bed, only the Rize Summit will fit.

You don't need a special adjustable mattress for your Rize bed! Foam, latex, and pocketed coil mattresses are all compatible with our power bases. Beds with metal springs usually don't work as well because the springs aren't meant to bend. Read more on our blog.


We offer remotes for most of our models online here (as well as other parts).

Check your manual - instructions for pairing your remote with your bed are included. You can find your manual, and answers to other questions, on our Resources page. Or, just call our technical experts at 1-843-800-8373.

Sorry to hear that! Hopefully it's one of the easy fixes you can find in your manual. You can find manuals and other tips on our Resources page. We also offer expert technical support - just call 1-843-800-8373.