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What’s a split bed and is it right for me (and my partner)?

What’s a split bed and is it right for me (and my partner)?

You might think of a split bed as something your grandparents slept on, since they’ve fallen out of fashion in recent decades. Now that there’s more focus than ever on customizing your sleep to get better rest, the idea of a split bed is making a comeback. If you and your partner have different sleeping preferences, it might be time to rediscover an old favorite.

What is a split bed?

A split bed is made up of two mattresses and two separate bases set up side-by-side. The simplest version is two separate beds, which can be moved together. However, a true split model is designed to be two halves of a whole. Split beds are usually available in Queen, King, and California King sizes - the width and height of the two separate beds equal the same size as a traditional bed of that size. Depending on the manufacturer, a split model might be sold as a “Split King”, or you might have to buy two bases listed at a different size to make up that size bed.

For example, a traditional King bed is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. A split King bed is made up of two Twin XL beds, each measuring 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. Put together, that would be 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. So the two Twin XL beds equal the same size as a single King size bed.

Pros of a split bed

Back in the day, people might sleep with the two bases separated when they needed some space. Then when they felt like getting close, they could push the beds back together.

Nowadays, with all the ways to customize your sleep experience, a split bed is a great way to accommodate two entirely different sleeping preferences. If each partner has their own ideals on the firmness of the mattress, type of sheets, number of blankets, sleep position, or other habits, they can get whatever they want on their side of the bed. If your partner is constantly changing sleep positions and rolling over, a split bed will minimize the motion transfer and let you sleep in peace.

Even more split bed customization

If customization is what you’re looking for, then you might already be researching adjustable beds. Adjustable bases come in split sizes, which means each partner is able to rest in their own personalized position without forcing the other person to sleep the same way. A split power base also increases the ways you can relax in bed. If your partner is a night owl, your side can be flat so you can snooze while they have the head raised to watch TV or read a book. If your partner snores, you can raise the head of their base into the anti-snore position, so you can get back to sleep.

Time for the cons

On the other hand, there are downsides to splitting up your bed. Finding the right size of everything from bed frame to mattress to sheets is a little more difficult and might require a specialty store or asking the right questions. It probably goes without saying, but buying things in two can be more expensive, too. Also, if you like getting close, the crease in the middle might be annoying, as one person or the other falls into the crevice between mattresses. That line can also widen if you don’t have your bases attached, so you also have to use a strap or other accessory to keep them together. (Our Rize adjustable beds offer a connecting strap with split models, which can also be purchased separately.)

For those looking for a way to make peace in the bedroom, split beds are a great way to truly customize your sleep experience without having to compromise. Do some research and decide what works best for you (and whoever you share the bed with). If you want to look at options in split adjustable bases, some of our models come in split sizes. It can be a unique way to make sure both you and your partner get the best sleep possible!