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What are the different positions offered by an adjustable bed?

What are the different positions offered by an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds want to change the way you sleep. They do this by providing a moving platform under your mattress so that you can find the perfect position for whatever you’re doing in bed. Every adjustable bed will offer different features and positions, either for health reasons or just for relaxing comfortably. Even if you’re perfectly healthy there’s still a lot you can get out of changing the way you lie in bed! So what are the different positions?

Head up

The most basic position, offered by every adjustable bed, is raising the head position. This is one of the most helpful options of a power base! You can raise your head a little or a lot to get to just the right angle to help with snoring, sniffles, or acid reflux. If you like to read or play on your tablet, some beds will lift you up to 70° in comfort. Then, when you’re ready to sleep, just go back to your flat position. No need for stuffing a bunch of pillows behind your head!

Power base head movement

Foot up or foot down

This option might seem basic, but not all motion beds have this feature. For pain and swelling in your joints, back, and legs, get a bed that lets you raise your legs a little. It’s also great for giving your feet a break at the end of a long day. It’s even harder to find a bed where the foot goes down (full disclosure: our Rize beds have this and we love it). Putting the foot down allows you to personalize even more ways to relax. Lowering your legs takes pressure off the lower back, and it’s a great way to recline while you unwind.

Anti-snore position

This position comes standard with many models. Basically, it means just raising the head a little, but you can do it with the touch of a button instead of customizing the angle every time. If you or your partner are a frequent snorer, this feature will slightly raise the head of bed to improve airflow. It’s just enough to keep you comfortable without causing any neck pain in the morning.

Like raising the head, the anti-snore position is also great to soothe acid reflux or congestion, without making you sleep in the living room recliner.

Zero gravity position

Another favorite feature, “zero gravity” is a pre-programmed option with many different motions bases. It sounds a little space-age, and that’s because it is! Gravity can take its toll on everyone’s body (especially when you sleep lying flat), causing joint and muscle pain from uncomfortable pressure. This can get worse if your mattress presses on already-tender pressure points while you sleep – or if you’re going into space. When astronauts take off, they get some of the same pressures on their body (although much increased). The geniuses at NASA developed a position that would help relieve that stress. That’s where the zero gravity position comes from. It copies the astronauts by lifting the leg and head portions of the adjustable bed to give a sensation that’s almost weightless.

The zero-gravity position takes pressure off your lower back and evenly distributes your weight, which improves blood flow. The improved blood flow will relax sore muscles and joints, decrease lower back pain, reduce swelling, and can improve heart health.

But don’t think it’s only for health reasons! It’s also another way and adjustable bed helps you unwind while you read or watch your before-bed entertainment. Trust us, this position feels good any time.

Lounge position

Most adjustable beds will only raise the foot of the bed and not lower it. We mentioned that some beds, like Rize, have the option to move the foot section below the level position. That’s part of the lounge position, which lowers the foot and also raises the head of the bed like being in your favorite recliner. This position is specially offered with Rize beds as a pre-programmed option, although you could simulate it through manual controls. The lounge position is great for taking stress off your lower back. It’s also perfect for those who like to sit up while they’re taking in a binge session of their favorite show.

adjustable bed base lounge position

Other models might have more options, or less, so compare to make sure the one you want has everything you need. Between the pre-programmed positions and the ability to adjust the bed however you want, there’s bound to be a position on an adjustable base to help you relax and sleep better. See what options our models have to offer!