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Have a better time in bed! Learn more about sleep-related issues and the best ways to solve them. Nothing is off limits if it helps you get high-quality sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Make your resolution for better sleep in 2018

Make your resolution for better sleep in 2018

It’s almost the start of another year, which means it’s time to make a resolution for 2018! But if you’re just too tired to think right now, what do you do? Let us help you find a resolution that you can follow through on: get more restful sleep! One in three Americans struggle to get the proper amount of sleep per night, resulting in a whole range of icky results from lack of productivity to health problems. Sleep is vital to your health and wellbeing, and it feels oh-so-nice, so why not prioritize it? These tips will help you sleep your way to a better new year.

Power down electronic devices before bed.

The bright, blue-tinted light that comes from your phone, computer, or TV screen inhibits the production on melatonin (a chemical that controls your daily sleep-awake cycles) and will delay your circadian rhythm. Turn off your devices an hour before bedtime (according to this study) to relax your mind and stop that light from seeping in.

If having your phone in the bedroom is a must, limit time spent on it and use night mode to reduce the amount of blue light that’s emitted.

Establish a routine.

The word “routine” might sound boring, but it’s also comforting. Start doing the same things in the same order, at the same time every night. The familiarity will soothe your brain and you’ll have an easier time falling asleep. A routine will signal to your body that it’s time to shut down for the night. This could include preparing your outfit or breakfast for the next day, taking a shower or bath, listening to music, or even stretching.

Stop hitting the snooze button.

Hitting the snooze button is so tempting! No one likes waking up early, especially during the cold, dark early months of the new year. When you hit the snooze button it can actually make you more tired than waking up the first time. Your body may restart its sleep cycle and enter back into deep sleep. This makes you groggier, which can make it even harder to wake up.

If you’re finding it difficult to not hit the snooze button, try placing your phone or alarm clock away from the bed, forcing you to get up to turn off the alarm.

Say no to alcohol before bed.

Having a nightcap can actually do more harm to your quality of sleep than good. Alcohol will initially act as a sedative to decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, but it’s known to reduce REM sleep and leads to waking up periodically throughout the night.

Improve your sleep environment

Having a peaceful place to unwind at the end of the day will help you feel more comfortable (in bed).

  • Keep your room dimly lit. Too much light can send signals to your brain that it’s time to work and not to unwind. The effect of even a brief amount of light is long-lasting. Bright light late in the evening — around midnight — can push your sleep/wake cycle back.
  • Turn down the heat. Keeping your room slightly cool around 65° F will allow you to snuggle up under the blankets without getting overheated during the night.
  • Have a comfortable bed. This may seem obvious, but most people ignore their sagging bed for far too long. Having the right mattress and bed support makes a world of difference in sleep quality. If you wake up with soreness or pain it’s probably time to change things up. Mattresses should be changed every 8 years, but if your troubles go beyond that, look at adjustable beds. These can get you into an optimum sleeping position to reduce pain, snoring, acid reflux, and other problems keeping you from a good night’s sleep. If this sounds like you, take a look at our Rize adjustable bases to start getting an idea of what’s out there.

This year, try one of these simple resolutions to help get the amount of sleep you need each night. You’ll wake up refreshed, be more productive, and get tons of health benefits too – including the ever-lasting resolution: weight loss. At the end of 2018, you’ll feel better than ever!