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How to stop snoring with an adjustable bed

How to stop snoring with an adjustable bed

Snoring is one of the biggest sleep issues in the US today. About 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women frequently snore their way through the night. Snoring often means you’re not getting good sleep, which can lead to nasty results like exhaustion, chronic headaches, and strain on the heart.

The good news is that there are a lot of solutions out there – from herbal remedies to surgical procedures – but an adjustable bed can help stop snoring and let you enjoy your time in bed more too.

What causes snoring?

First thing to do is find the source of your snores, which can be many different things. Basically, snoring occurs when airflow through your throat or nose is unable to move freely. The blockage causes vibration in surrounding tissue, creating that chainsaw sound. Some common causes are:

  • Sinus or nasal problems: Nasal congestion and inflammation from allergies is one of the most common reasons for snoring, because the congestion is stopping up your breath.
  • Weight: Fatty tissue can push down on your throat and narrow the airway, restricting airflow.
  • Sleeping position: If you sleep flat on your back it can make your throat relax instead of staying open for easy breathing. By sleeping on your side or in a tilted position, your airway can open up.

Snoring can be a symptom of more serious health issues, so know what’s causing you to rumble while you snooze so you can find a cure that will work.

How can I stop snoring?

There are almost as many ways to reduce your snoring out there as there are people who snore! Here are a few basic remedies from the American Sleep Association (and again, see your doctor if your snoring is causing other issues, including exhaustion):

  • Clear up your sinus problems
  • Lose some weight
  • Get enough sleep
  • Ditch the alcohol, smoking, and sleeping pills
  • Improve your position

If those don’t work, there are untold number of devices like nasal strips, mouth guards, and chin straps. For diagnosed sleep apnea, a cpap might be prescribed by your doctor, or even surgery. A lot of these aren’t very easy to get used to, especially when better rest could be as easy as adjusting the way you sleep.

How does an adjustable bed prevent snoring?

Adjustable bed bases have a lot going for them in the healthy sleep department, including being an easy way to relieve snoring (and we’re not just biased!). So how does it work?

  • Anti-snore positioning: Some models, including select Rize power bases, have preprogrammed anti-snore settings that slightly lift the head of the bed to open airways and correct snoring. If the setting isn’t automatic, you can manually choose how much to incline your head to get it in just the right place to keep things flowing. Unlike stuffing pillows behind your head, the position will stay in place all night long. And it’s a lot more comfortable than trying to catch your 40 winks in the living room recliner.
  • Helps you change your sleep position. You automatically move during the night to get your body into the most comfortable spot. A motion bed base lets you customize your position by raising the head and foot. When you have more options to get into a position that comfortable for your specific body type, it’s easier to switch from being a back sleeper to a side sleeper. By reclining on your side, you reduce the pressure on your lungs and the weight on your throat to keep airways open.
  • Distributes your weight evenly. When your bed isn’t optimized for your body, your weight can put pressure in uncomfortable spots. Remember how we said that weighing down the throat causes snoring? An adjustable bed allows more options to position your body to keep that from happening.

Adjustable bed anti snore

Want to try it out for yourself? Find a dealer near you who can show you what an adjustable bed can do for your body to keep it from snoring. Your partner will thank you.