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How to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed

How to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed

Now that you have an adjustable bed, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. Most adjustable beds, including Rize, have the ability to attach a headboard. Check out these tips for adding that finishing touch to your power base purchase.

Check your adjustable bed

Every manufacturer is a little different, so it’s important to see what yours had in mind for attaching a headboard. Some beds include brackets built into the frame. Others will require attaching a bracket first, and some don’t have any way to do it at all. Your instruction manual should tell you which one you purchased, or you can contact customer service to find out.

Check your headboard

Now that you know about your bed, you should find out what types of headboards your bed will connect to. Yes, there are different types of headboard attachments: bolt-on and hook-on. A headboard meant to be bolted on will usually have holes for the bolts drilled into the legs, while a hook-on leg will have slits where the hooks attach. The headboard should also have all the parts you need to connect to a bed. If not, you’ll need to find out what’s missing and see if it can be replaced.

The most common attachment type for a headboard is bolt-on, which means your headboard bracket will have slots to line up with the holes on the legs of your headboard. If your bracket has hooks on it, it’s meant to attach to a hook-on headboard. The headboard and bed should have the same attachment method.

If you already bought the headboard and find you have the wrong type, it may be possible to convert the brackets using additional parts.

Get ready

First, you’ll need to make sure you have clear access to the part of your bed that the headboard or bracket attaches to. This could mean just getting underneath it, but for some models you may have to flip the base over so that the underside is exposed. Follow the instructions for your adjustable bed.

Even if the brackets are easy to reach, it’s a good idea to leave yourself some space. If you can, move the bed away from the wall and raise the head up so that you can reach the under-side of the base.

Start making connections

If you’ve got built-in brackets on your base, and your headboard is the same type, attaching a headboard is quick and easy. Usually you can just line up the holes in the headboard brackets on your bed with the holes in the legs of your headboard, then use the headboard’s screws to connect the two.

Tip: Don’t tighten all the way at first, as you may want to adjust the placement of the headboard behind your bed. Once everything lines up, then lock it all in place.

A hook-on headboard, though rarer, involves just hooking the rails on the bed into the slots on the headboard legs. And done!

Some parts not included

If you don’t have built-in brackets, your bed may require a headboard kit, which may or may not come with the base. Check your manual and look around for any extra boxes. If you need a kit, you might have to order one from the manufacturer. These are often specific to that manufacturer. For example, Rize headboard kits can’t be guaranteed to work with other makes.

When in doubt, check Ebay.

If you’ve got Rize in your room

For Rize, you can buy your kit online. All beds made after December 2017 will use the same kit, made for bolt-on headboards. If you don’t know when your bed was made, just contact our awesome customer service reps who will make sure you’re getting the right kit for your bed. Call us at 1-844-609-7493 or email happysleep@rizebeds.com.

Rize 2018 Headboard Kit

Once you’ve got your headboard and your Rize headboard kit, you’re ready to make the connection! For all 2018 models, you can follow the instructions here, watch the video, or download the PDF.  Since you're here, the instructions for the 2018 models are:

  • Remove all bedding and your mattress and retainer bar from the adjustable base. Flip the adjustable base upside down. Be careful of the cord!
  • Locate the round panels on the underside of the bed. One will be empty and one will have a leg attached. The leg will stay where it is.
    Headboard Assembly Step 1
  • Align the long, open slot of the inner headboard bracket with the screw hole of the first round panel. Secure the inner headboard bracket to the panel with a small screw and small washer. Repeat on the other side of the bed. The inner headboard bracket can be adjusted for optimal distance between the headboard and your adjustable bed. We recommend leaving a distance of about 1.5” to 2” between the bed base and the headboard bracket.
  • When both inner headboard brackets are installed, flip bed over to the upright position. The brackets should appear as they do in the diagram below.
    Headboard assembly step 3
  • Lift the head of the bed so the frame of the adjustable bed and inner headboard bracket are reachable.
  • Attach the outer headboard bracket to the inner headboard bracket by using one screw and one washer. The width of the outer headboard bracket should align to the width of your headboard. Repeat on the other side.
  • Attach your headboard onto the vertical section of the outer headboard brackets by using a bolt, nut, and washer (hardware should be included with your headboard).

    The slots of the vertical end of the outer headboard brackets should align with the slots on the leg of your headboard. If the slots are not aligning, you can adjust the width by unscrewing the outer headboard bracket to realign with your headboard’s slots.
    Assembled headboard bracket

Attaching a headboard to models made November 2017 and before

If you’ve waited a while to get your headboard, it’s not too late! We still have the kits available on request to attach a bolt-on headboard to older models, and video too. Here’s a step-by-step:

  • Use the wireless remote and raise the head of the bed, so the bed base frame is reachable.
  • Locate the channel c opening on the frame, above the leg. This is where the inner headboard bracket will be placed. Unscrew the retainer bolt from the bed base frame.
  • Slide the inner headboard bracket into the channel c opening.
  • Attach the inner headboard bracket to the channel c opening with the retainer bolt that was removed in step 2.
  • Secure the inner headboard bracket by inserting a retainer bolt into the last pre-drilled hole and attaching with a nut and washer. Repeat on the other side.
  • Place the outer headboard bracket onto the inner headboard bracket and attach using 2 retainer bolts, 2 nuts, and 2 washers. Repeat on the other side.
  • Attach your headboard to the vertical section of the outer headboard brackets by using a bolt, nut, and washer (all attachment hardware should be included with your headboard).

The slots of the vertical end of the outer headboard brackets should align with the slots on the leg of your headboard. If the slots are not aligning, you can adjust the width by unscrewing the outer headboard bracket to realign with your headboard’s slots.

Can I attach a footboard?

Being able to attach a footboard to an adjustable bed is usually impossible, because of the movement of the foot and the access to the frame at that end. If your bed doesn’t have foot movement, or is specially designed to allow a footboard, it might include a way to attach a footboard.

Don’t use a headboard at all

But wait, there’s more! If you want a footboard, or if your bed has no way to attach to a headboard, you’re not out of luck. Most beds are designed to fit inside standard-sized headboard/footboard/side rail systems. This means you can get the look you want and get the footboard too. Because the headboard and footboard attach to the side rails and not to the bed, you don’t even need to worry about your adjustable base. Just make sure its measurements fit inside and you’re good to go!

As another option, you could find an adjustable base like the Summit, which is designed to fit on top of an existing platform bed (which can include a headboard, footboard, side rails, and a platform deck).

You can get your sleeping position just where you want it with your power base, so get your bedroom look right where you want it too by attaching a headboard (and maybe more). Not sure what your Rize bed will let you do? We’ve got manuals for our models here.  You can update your décor and get better sleep at the same time!