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FAQ: How can an adjustable bed can fit into my bedroom?

FAQ: How can an adjustable bed can fit into my bedroom?

You may be convinced of the benefits of getting an adjustable bed, but a lot of people have questions about how a power base will work in their room. What sizes are available? How hard is it to set up? Can you customize the look? Never fear! Most adjustable beds were made to be as easy as possible to use, and to blend in seamlessly with any décor. Here are a few frequently asked questions about how a power base can fit into your room:

What sizes are available?

Adjustable beds come in all standard bed sizes, so you can pick what works best for you. Check the dimensions on the base(s) you’re interested in to make sure they fit. If you have features on your base like outlets, you may want to make sure to leave a little extra space if you already have a tight fit. You may also need more room if you have a dual-base model.

What’s a dual-base model? For larger sizes (Queen, King, and California King) you have the option to get 2 bases to make up the one size. This allows two sleepers to individually customize their positions and use their own controls. Making up the large size with two bases also means reducing the total weight for one box – and making it easier to carry the parts into your room. Some manufacturers also have single-base versions of these sizes available, which cuts down on cost, but multiple sleepers have to share the same position.

Will the bed fit in my house?

It’s always a good idea to measure your doorways and hallways to make sure the model you choose can make it all the way to your bedroom. This includes stairways – older or custom homes often have twists and turns that make it difficult to maneuver large items. A quality bed will be heavy, too, to offer better support. For example, a Queen sized power base can weigh about 220 lb. in the box! So make sure you have some help getting it where you want it. If you bought your adjustable bed in the store, you’ll usually have the option get delivery and/or installation with your purchase. If you buy online, check to see if they offer this type of service. It might be worth it!

You should also make sure that your room is set up for the bed. You’ll need an outlet to plug in the power cord close to where the bed is going to be. We recommend making sure the outlet is grounded, and using a surge protector as well. And, since these beds are heavy from all that motorized goodness, your floor should be sturdy enough to handle the base and everything that you want to put on it.

Get help to carry the base inside

How hard is it to set up an adjustable bed?

Most motion beds are designed to be easy to assemble. Our Rize power bases come preassembled, except for attaching the legs and retainer bracket. Just screw or snap those on and plug in the power cord and you’re ready to go! Other custom accessories, like a headboard bracket or connecting straps to attach two bases together, need to be added separately as well. Getting the remote to work is as simple as pressing a button – but make sure to read the manual for your particular model.  

Can I customize my bed if I have an adjustable base?

You don’t have to sacrifice the look of your bed or your room to get an adjustable bed. Many models, including Rize, were designed so that they would fit inside headboard/footboard/rail systems. If your base comes with headboard brackets, you can attach a headboard of your choice as well. Just make sure the headboard is compatible with the type of brackets you’ve got (there are bolt-on and hook-on headboards out there, not to mention different sizes). If you attach a headboard or frame around the bed, plan on leaving a few inches of space. There are plenty of tools available online that make visualizing your floorplan easier.

Will I still have storage space under an adjustable bed?

If space is limited, there are plenty of storage options with an adjustable bed.  It’s common to leave almost a foot of clearance for storage under a motion base, although that varies by style. You can add height to your bed with taller replacement legs to add more room for under-bed storage.

There are also power bases made to go on top of a platform or pedestal bed, which gives you the option to select a pre-made bed with drawers or other storage underneath.

Does this answer some questions about getting an adjustable bed into your house? Let us know if you’ve got more! When you are ready to buy check out our dealer locator to find our adjustable beds near you.