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FAQ: Common questions about adjustable bed accessories

FAQ: Common questions about adjustable bed accessories

If you’re thinking about buying an adjustable bed but you’re not sure what accessories you might also have to spend money on to go with it, look no further. You actually don’t need much to bring a power base into your home (though if you want to change up a bed you already have, you can do that too). Don’t let fear of add-ons stop you from getting the quality sleep you deserve (really, only about 65% of adults in America get the recommended amount of sleep each night).

Do I need special sheets?

The quick answer is no. You don’t need sheets that will expand and stretch like a rubber band. Any standard fitted sheet will work with your mattress on an adjustable base. While there are some reliable products being developed, most companies are selling standard sheets and marking them up to have consumers spend more money. Keep in mind that if you purchase a bed with a split base, it will require two mattresses. That means you’ll need a sheet for each mattress (plus one or two flat sheets, depending on if you want to share).

sheets for adjustable beds

Can I attach my headboard?

Yes, on most bases you can still attach your favorite headboard to your adjustable bed. While we can’t speak for everyone, our Rize adjustable beds have the option to attach a headboard easily using our headboard kits. We even have a model that will fit on top of an existing platform bed! If you have a headboard & footboard system, you can keep that too. Bases like Rize are designed to fit inside them, although it's always a good idea to double-check the measurements to make sure.

Do I need my box spring and bed frame?

With a power base, box springs and bed frames are old news. Recycle, donate, or throw them away (check your local disposal options and restrictions). All you need is a mattress for the size base you purchased and you’re good to go. Keep in mind not all mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base. Check out our blog about what type of mattress will work with a bed in motion.

What if I lose the remote?

You should be able to get an extra from the store you bought it from, or from the manufacturer. We sell replacement remotes for each of our models in case of lost or malfunctioning equipment. You can see our full line of accessories here.

Do I need special parts for assembly?

If you want a longer answer on getting one of these beds into your home, you can check out our blog. Basically, the only parts we recommend are a surge protector and grounded outlet to make sure you've got a safe setup. Most adjustable beds will arrive right out of the box almost fully assembled. You'll only need to attach the legs, retainer bar, or other accessories like a headboard kit - then just get it plugged in! Each adjustable base will have a different weight, but they often come in around 100 lb. per base. So get a helping hand, or consider taking advantage of white glove delivery that many retailers offer. It should include full set-up in any room of your home.

Can I adjust the height of the bed?

This will depend on the base that you’re looking at. Some of our Rize models include adjustable legs out of the box, while others have the ability to either raise or lower the height by replacing the feet with other parts. Some brands may not offer height options at all, so make sure to ask if this is a concern. If you have a Rize bed and want to change the height, check out these parts to make it happen.

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll help you with any concerns to figure out what adjustable bed is right for you!